The Gathering

26 February 2019

Wisdom of Wombats are back at LangKult, to bring a completely improvised show: “The Gathering: On the edge of the past, present and the future…” The Gathering is a play created on the spot on stage where a get-together will trigger a series of events, challenging the relationships between the characters the actors have created right before your eyes. It’s up to you, the audience, whether the story will be set at a wedding, during St. Patrick’s Day, in a prison or castle and for which occasion. 🔥Expect the unexpected! See friendships falling apart, characters finding the love of their lives, or new bonds forming in this unscripted and unpredictable show! ★★★ THE GATHERING ★★★ ☛ LangstrassenKultur – Langstrasse 113a ☛ Show starts at 20:00 – Doors open at 19:30 ☛ PWYW (a pay what you want collection 🎩 at the end). Join Wisdom of Wombats, Zurich’s premiere English-language improv theatre troupe, for a one-off evening of hilarity. Every show is a guaranteed world premiere: unscripted, unpredictable, unhinged, and inspired by you, the audience. So bring yourselves and your imaginations, and be enlightened by the Wisdom of Wombats!💕

Where: LangstrassenKultur, Zurich

When: 26 February 2019 at 20:00