The Return of Lord Wilson

30 April 2019

Wisdom of Wombats welcome you to assist to


We do not know the reason for his departure and the reason for his return yet; we will discover it together with your help!
Your precious input will be fundamental to learn why Lord Wilson decided to come back. You will choose the title of each scene, and what the mystery behind his sudden come back is.
We are looking forward to welcome you all to enjoy a fun evening with us.

Everything you will see on stage will be created on the spot by us, the Wisdom of Wombats, a group of improvisers from a variety of origins and languages, who got attracted to each other by the common passion of pushing boundaries, experimenting and playing. We train, get inspiration, and come up with ideas for our shows.

☛ LangstrassenKultur – Langstrasse 113a
☛ Show starts at 20:00 – Doors open at 19:30
☛ PWYW (a pay what you want collection 🎩 at the end).
☛ Show in English

Join Wisdom of Wombats, Zurich’s premiere English-language improv theatre troupe, for a one-off evening of hilarity.
Every show is a guaranteed world premiere: unscripted, unpredictable, unhinged, and inspired by you, the audience.

So bring yourselves and your imaginations, and be enlightened by the Wisdom of Wombats!💕

Where: LangstrassenKultur Langstrasse, 113a
Zurich, Switzerland

When: 30 April 2019 at 19:30