The Gathering – On the edge of past, present and future @Langkult

Once more, there has been a lot of fun and laughter at LangKult on the 26th of February 2019.

Like in a time machine, the Wombats have been projected into a different era. They found themselves in prehistoric times when dinosaurs still existed, in love and happily laying their eggs.
The mission is to preserve humanity from extinction. The only chance is if a virgin jumps into a volcano, starting a whole saga of who should jump into it: the high priest or the virgin?

Ambitious Nobel aspiring scientists, coming from the future with a time machine, witnessing and filming all that is happening and taking it back into the future, with some love twists…they fall in love with the unexpected handsome dinosaur and the virgin priest.

All for the pleasure of the kind crowd watching the show

A big thank you to all.