The Gathering – Birthday Party in the Prison @Langkult

January 29th, 2019 – LangKult

This was a long form improvisation play – means basically we conjure a play out of thin air and inspired by audience suggestions.  Each gathering show is different from the last and we never know which adjectives will apply to best describe them.

This time it was funny, romantic, heartfelt, bizarre, hopeful, unexpected, and a little crazy beautiful as life was hard in the prison. The governor ruled with an iron fist, and was making the guard more mean.
Johnny longed to leave, but still had 20 years to serve. Could the doctor fall in love with him, or at least bring an escape tool?
Marc was secretly digging an escape tunnel. He stayed fit by eating concrete pancakes.
But the governor was tired of being nasty and wanted to make life inside better. A birthday party for Johnny would be a good way to start. A party with balloons, musical bars and a cake.
Marc and the cook saw an opportunity – if we poison the strawberry half of the cake, and we eat the other half, we can just walk out.

The party was busy, with music and Glarner dancing. In the confusion the strawberries fell off.

The good guys do not always win. Johnny did not get out. The doctor, the love of his life, died tragically from cake roulette. Marc and the Pancake Poisoner dig on.

Where will our next gathering be and what should it be the occasion for it?

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Article: Pat Bourne