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Murder at the library

22/11/2019 @ 20:00

Who are the suspects? Who is the victim? Why is the detective willing to solve that case? What are they thinking about? How do they feel? We will find it out all together, with your inputs, and as it unfolds in front of our eyes.

In this unique story, created on the spot for you, Wisdom of Wombats will walk you between conversations, thoughts, memories and emotions of our characters. All these will, one step at a time, bring our detective closer to solving the riddle.

Wisdom of Wombats is a group of individuals from a variety of origins and languages, who got attracted to each other by the common passion of pushing boundaries, experimenting and playing. We train, get inspiration, try things out and come up with ideas for our shows.

On November 22nd we are back at Sphères to solve another case!


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Where: Sphères

Hardturmstrasse, 66 Zurich Switzerland

When: 22/11/2019 @ 20:00

Tickets: 12.CHF – 15.CHF

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