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Murder of a plumber

Halloween long over – and still soooo much fun having a walking dead around! We had our second round of “Murder at the Library” at Sphères last Friday – and hilarious fun.

Amanda, a woman plumber, found dead in the library. The only clues were a teddy bear, a bunch of money that Amanda was still holding in her cold hand, and a lego bricks. Thanks to the audience, the forgetful detective Armani found the killer: Amanda’s (ex-) best friend Petra!

A sold out Sphères – definitely a location you need to checkout in Zurich, very cool events and such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for anyone living or passing by Zurich. Thank you again for the entire support from sound to accommodating us and our audience in such a professional way.

Special thanks to Ella Galt for coaching us in Barcelona the weekend just before, made a difference.